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Where to Buy Local Food in Vancouver


“People think food just appears,” says Nicole Robins, owner of North Vancouver’s Sprout Organic Market. In actuality, the food we eat is still grown on farms. Much of it comes from far away, shipped from around the world by ships and planes, with attendant problems in freshness, chemical exposure and production practices. One alternative is […]

Photo Essay: Vancouver Gardens You Can Visit All-Year-Round


There is nothing like having a walk surrounded by nature on a dreary day. If you think Vancouver’s gardens are worth visiting only in spring or summer, you will be surprised – our city’s climate allows to create places that are a real pleasure to see any time of year. See the gardens that have something […]

How to Avoid Vancouver Traffic Jams – Updated!


Vancouver is regularly named the most congested city in Canada. This designation is mostly due to the heavy commuter flow across the limited number of bridge crossings entering the city’s downtown core – a factor that is exacerbated by the seemingly constant interruption of new construction projects that block roads and cause further delays. While […]

Vancouver’s Best Gluten-Free Bakeries


More people are opting for gluten-free nowadays, whether it’s for wheat disorders or simply for health reasons. Fortunately, Vancouver has a selection of certified gluten-free bakeries that offer a wide range of breads, sweet treats, and baked goods that will satisfy both gluten-free and non-gluten-free eaters. Lemonade Bakery Address: 3385 Cambie Street Website: Serving […]

Vancouver Neighbourhood Photo Essays: Mount Pleasant

Vancouver Neighbourhood Photo Essays: Mount Pleasant

Mount Pleasant has undergone an amazing transformation since the 1990’s, opening new businesses and changing the whole landscape of the community as East becomes the new West. This area is located between Cambie Street to the west and Clark Drive to the east, 2nd Avenue to the north and 16th Avenue and Kingsway to the […]

Best Places to Work Remotely in Vancouver: Coworking Spaces

Best Places to Work Remotely in Vancouver: Coworking Spaces

With a vibrant community of creatives and a flourishing digital media scene, it’s no wonder that coworking spaces are growing in popularity. Vancouver is undoubtedly a costly city to live in, so offering a comfortable space equipped with coffee machines, lounge areas, hot desks, private meeting spaces – and all for a reasonable rate – these […]

Photo Essay: Vancouver’s Winter Farmers’ Markets


It’s good to know where your food comes from. Vancouver’s farmer markets are a great opportunity to shop local and spend some time out – and the best thing is that some of them aren’t just for summer! If you can’t find a reason to get out of your bed on a cold winter Saturday, just […]

Vancouver Restaurants With the Longest Tradition #4: Helen’s Grill


Mount Pleasant, Vancouver’s first established suburb, has changed greatly since the diner Helen’s Grill opened on the corner of Main and Kingsway in 1961. What was once a branch of Vancouver’s local Aristocratic restaurant chain became a classic mid-century diner, owned by John and Helen Balomenos. Around it, the neighbourhood declined as manufacturing moved southward […]

Vancouver Street Art: The Difference Between Art and Vandalism

Vancouver Street Art: The Difference Between Art and Vandalism

A mural by Milan Basic (3150 Main Street) Depending on who you ask, the words “graffiti artist” could conjure up two distinctly different images. One is of a hooded vandal with a spray can, darting through the streets at night, defacing public property and terrorizing the neighbourhood. The other is of a skilled craftsperson who […]

Vancouver Neighbourhood Photo Essays: Kitsilano

Vancouver Neighbourhood Photo Essays: Kitsilano

Kitsilano runs along the south shore of English Bay and between Point Grey and Grandville Island. The neighbourhood is also known as ‘Kits’. It is popular for its beach, Kits Beach, considered one of the top 10 best city beaches in the world with many outdoor fitness facilities available: you can find tennis courts, a […]