Norma & Earle Bromley

Norma & Earle Bromley

June 2019

In 1993 Jay sold our home and found us a beautiful townhouse. Twenty-six years later, who but Jay is going to sell our house.

My husband and I are elderly with no immediate family in B.C. Jay and Brenda became our confidantes. Jay promoted our home on the website and MLS, he organized showings within our time frame, he gave us honest advice so we could make our decisions.

Above all he just listened.

After the sale Brenda assisted us in organizing furniture donations, packers, movers, rubbish removal and professional cleaners to prepare the home for the new owner.

We are truly grateful to Jay and Brenda for all their wonderful help.

– Norma Bromley

Tom and Linda Taylor

Tom and Linda Taylor

After having known Jay for more than 10 years, and having two real estate transactions with him under our belt, we knew that when Jay says: "I start by listening" he means it! Jay was invaluable (again) in helping us secure the new townhouse that we had had our hearts set on. He was right on top of the "intricacies" of negotiating a deal in this crazy market. Anyone looking for a top-notch realtor should give Jay Banks a call!!! Thanks Jay!!! Tom and Linda Taylor
Ed and Carol Cookhouse

Ed and Carol Cookhouse

After 32 years and raising 2 boys that have grown up and moved away to start their own lives, it become time for us to sell. There were many realtors knocking on the door but we knew there was only one man for the job – Jay Banks. Working with Jay on the sale of our home was a real pleasure and his professionalism was wonderful. At the time we decided to sell our home our niece was coming down from Prince George to move in with us so she could attend UBC, and we had booked a weekend away with our boys jay worked around our busy schedules and came up with a plan for an open house when we were away. We come back and Jay had multiple offers over the asking price. Our home sold over asking price in 7 days. I would highly recommend Jay Banks to be your realtor for knowledge, professionalism and attention to detail. Our lawyer also commented on Jay attention to detail because it makes her job go smoother.
Gordon Bishop

Gordon Bishop

I first met Jay over 15 years ago when my boss at the time recommended Jay. I was looking to buy a condominium in Richmond. I had a large dog, which was a problem then, and limited funds. I found a fantastic condominium in the heart of Richmond, on a quiet street, across from a park, and in a beautifully maintained building. I was very impressed with Jay’s calm pleasant nature, and his knowledge. Even though I looked at a lot of places Jay was never impatient or rushed. Jay attended to every detail of my new home purchase and I felt confident that the purchase was all in good order. When it came time to sell my condo and buy a town house, Jay was my first choice to look after the sale and purchase. Since then Jay has been my agent for the purchase and sale of my townhouse in Langley, and the purchase and sale of my house in Langley. With Jay’s expertise I was able to sell my townhouse as prices were peaking and purchase a freehold house before the detached home sales peaked. Recently, I sold my house as I am moving out of the area. I was again impressed with the work that Jay put into this sale. He had researched and collected all permits and data regarding the house, he had all the answers and documents for the buyer ahead of time, which expedited the sale and created a relationship of good will with the buyer. Jay’s negotiating skills are impressive, as he not only has my respect but also the respect of the buyers’ and their agents. For over 15 years and the purchase and sale of three properties I have found Jay to be professional, ethical, and pleasant to work with. I believe that these qualities have been crucial in both my purchases and sales of properties.
John Kawchuk

John Kawchuk


I wanted to take a moment to say “Thank You” for everything you have done in helping us find our current home. I can't say enough about Jay's professionalism, caring nature and easy going demeanor. He’s a personable, competent and confident realtor which my wife and I felt very comfortable with immediately.

I have used Jay to purchase a home in 2003 and again in this year. Throughout the home buying process, Jay was extremely responsive and thoughtful in his recommendations to us. He was highly organized in showing homes within our time frames which was very important to us due to our very busy schedules. He has always given us his honest opinion, which helped us make informative decisions in the purchases. Jay was always there thru all aspects of the sale and even was available for questions once the sale completed.

I highly recommend Jay if you are looking for a realtor to help buy or sell your home.

Thanks again.
John Kawchuk

Kenny Pierce

Kenny Pierce

This is a quick note to express my gratitude for Brenda Kinnear's and Jay Banks' help both in selling my condominium in New Westminster, and in securing a new condominium in Vancouver. About two years ago, Brenda's daughter Julie helped to sell my loft in Toronto, when I was planning to move back to the West Coast. Though I was looking while still in Toronto, Jay and Brenda were instrumental at the time in helping me to find a home to relocate to, and I've enjoyed my location very much. When I decided that I wanted to move closer to work this year, they went above and beyond, helping me to identify locations that I could afford as well as prepare my place to list it. I never felt pressured to jump into something blindly - an indication that they put their clients' best interests first. Selling and moving is always a stressful prospect to face, but this was a relatively smooth series of transactions, something that I attribute in no small part to their professionalism and proactivity. Vancouver isn't an easy market to buy in, but it is without hesitation that I recommend Jay Banks and Brenda Kinnear - knowledgeable and warm professionals - to anyone wanting to make a move in the lower BC mainland. I feel so lucky to have found them. - Kenny Pierce, Vancouver, BC
Justin and Lucero

Justin and Lucero

This was our first transaction with Jay although my family has been with him for decades. We could not have been more impressed. My wife comes from over ten years of fine dining and I have over twenty years in sales/customer service. We rarely feel that we are actually being serviced. Real customer service seems to be a part of days gone by where we actually care about the people we share our business transactions and our lives with. We would tell you that Jay has set a new standard for us in attention to detail and customer service. He exceeded every expectation in the finite details of our sale. In fact without his care and understanding we are certain that our deal would have gone very differently. We had already moved to Toronto during the sale, he made it feel as though there was nothing left to chance. Jay, thank you for all that you do! Justin and Lucero
Andrea Thomson

Andrea Thomson

Jay Banks has been my Family Realtor for a long time, having worked with me, family members and good friends over the many years. I found the process of recently selling my home and purchasing a new one with Jay to be a seamless, professional and pleasant one even though I found myself in a most hectic real estate market where the selling of my home was so quick and the inventory to purchase was very small. Jay was a stickler for details and made sure both the sale and purchase of my townhomes went without a glitch. Thank you Jay for the hard work! And helping to make it all go smooth! I am very excited to get into my townhome!
Penny and Lawrence Talbot

Penny and Lawrence Talbot

We first met Jay 26 years ago when we moved into the neighbourhood as renters. He introduced himself to us and we were thrilled with the results when we called on him to help us find a house to buy when the time came. 25 years, and countless friendly visits and conversations and calendars later, we called on him again to help us sell our house. As soon as I contacted him, he was there for us. With the market going crazy he gave great advice and seemed to work 24/7, making himself available whenever I needed to know something. The intensity of the process was offset by Jay’s calm and thoughtful presence. He definitely works for his client first and foremost, and we benefited greatly from his expertise.
Liane Shimizu

Liane Shimizu

I had worked with Jay to find my first home, so I knew he would be my first choice for finding my second one. He made moving forward with finding my new home easy as he was able to accommodate me due to my hectic schedule and made sure I was well informed about any property I had interest in. He listened to what I wanted and was able to help me find the perfect home. Jay helped make the process simple with his expert knowledge and guidance.
Bryce Gibney and Lynne Baker

Bryce Gibney and Lynne Baker

We decided to sell our 24 year residence in Richmond quite suddenly, after seizing an opportunity in Victoria. Over the past dozen+ years we knew Jay and Brenda as neighbours, and as responsible community members. Their daily scheduled walk with their lovely German Shepherd passed our front door, and with that contact came friendly chats – nothing whatsoever to do with real estate! When we needed straight and realistic answers concerning our move, Jay was the logical choice. He was merciless in stating what we needed to do, and soon a 20' storage locker was overflowing. We heeded his advice on what was appropriate and he did talk us out of some unnecessary modifications – and we thank him for that. Our home was listed, with 4 offers on paper within about 72 hours. As we were closing a property on the other end, we went with Jay and Brenda's advice and completed our transaction.

We liked their analytical approach, with no false expectations. Everything was concluded in a very thorough and professional manner, and we remarked numerous times that we just wished we had Jay watching out for our best interests on the Victoria side of the water! We can, without any hesitation, recommend this team for the kind of old fashioned real estate service when the agent actually listened to the client without simply resorting to a spread sheet of recent transactions. They brought the concept of service right back into the equation. Thank you, Jay and Brenda!

Bryce Gibney and Lynne Baker

Paul & Cathie Garnett

Paul and Cathie Garnett

This is the second time we have used the services provided by Jay Banks and Brenda Kinnear. We have found them both to be professional, conscientious, well informed, and extremely easy to work with. The sale of our family home unfortunately had some "challenges", which prolonged the sale even in this hot market. However, they never let us become disheartened and with patience and perseverance they finally "found our buyer". We have and certainly will continue to recommend their services to others. Thanks ever so much Jay and Brenda!
Ralph and Monika

Ralph and Monika

There are many Vancouver realtors.... But there is only 1 Jay Banks. That's why, as many of his clients can attest, Jay is #1 for us all.

Jay is extremely detail oriented & fact based, which inspires consumer confidence. He is conscientious and goes beyond " due diligence ". Jay is a realtor/ research  analyst, with a great personality rolled into one.

Jay's experience and market knowledge translates into success each and every time.

One feels very confident when Jay is on the job!

Dan and Cathy Rawe

Dan and Cathy Rawe

When it came time to sell my father’s Condo in Richmond, my first call was to Jay. Jay has been our Real Estate agent for over 14 years and also knew my father very well from when he lived in the ‘Monds’ of Richmond. We cannot say enough about Jay and his knowledge and art of making it seem easy in this sometimes scary real estate market. Sale was quick and close was quick, no stress and as usual a complete pleasure working with Jay.
Charmaine Taylor

Charmaine Taylor

When it comes time to make a change in where you live, you take your chances with business cycles and changing cultural landscapes. Regardless of one's circumstances, it is a stressful process and not everyone has the ability or good fortune to be able to "time the market" to advantage. However, what helps a great deal is to have very good people working on your behalf. And, while it may sound like stating the obvious, to "start by listening," is a crucial step in obtaining the best result in an uncertain marketplace. Jay Banks and Brenda Kinnear has been the "Family Realtor," for a long time, having worked for us, parents, children and extended family as the circumstances of each group required change - buying or selling. In each case, our needs, wants, desires and budgets were clearly heard and matched with prevailing market conditions and realities. Matching buyer's budgets and seller's hopes is not as easy as it sounds especially when one has put blood sweat and tears into one's "fee simple" piece of heaven! Throughout, we were all treated respectfully, patiently and honestly even as the emotional biases of being in one place for 37 years tended to put up barriers to rational choices. Thank you, Jay, for your guidance, understanding, persistence, outstanding salesmanship and friendship throughout the adventure of selling our home. Cheers! Charmaine Taylor


Wendy & Greg Andrews

Wendy and Greg Andrews

Jay was a steady, calm yet proactive representative throughout our selling and buying process. We felt confident about his experienced advice and were appreciative of his sense of humour in our times of stress. We are thankful for all of the help and time he gave us. Thanks Jay!
Dan and Cathy Rawe

Dan and Cathy Rawe

Once we decided to sell our home in Richmond we knew the phone call to Jay would be all we would need to go onto the next chapter in our lives. In 10 days the SOLD sign was up and we were looking for a new home. Now our new home in Cloverdale is exactly what we were looking for. Jay's patience, knowledge and approachability is what will keep our family coming back to and recommending him.  
Sheila & John Vataiki

Sheila and John Vataiki

We were trying to decide whether or not to try to take advantage of this crazy market by selling our home and moving to a new one in order to improve our circumstances in preparation for retirement. In order to do so, we knew what we needed to accomplish financially both by selling our present home and acquiring a new home. We originally met Jay a few years ago when he sold our neighbor's home. For reasons that made sense at the time we listed with 2 different agents (not Jay) who were both unsuccessful in selling our home for a price we were comfortable with despite the fact Jay, who had several listings in the neighborhood, seemed to be selling them. We finally took our home off the market. In the ensuing years we noticed noticed other homes in the neighborhood selling and noticed Jay's name attached to most of the sales. When we decided to try again, we immediately thought of Jay as someone with a track record of success.

Right from the first telephone conversation, where Jay remembered the details of the brief conversation we had with him 5 years ago we knew we had made the right choice to call him. He knew our neighborhood very well and in fact had sold many of the homes on our street. He is very genuine and approachable and not at all pushy. We were very impressed. We had been told by previous realtors our property was undesirable to the typical buyers in our market so were aware there might be some difficulties selling. Jay was undaunted by this.

We were in a position where we did not have to sell and would not sell if the numbers did not make sense. Jay was respectful and understanding of that fact. We told him what our financial expectations were and asked him to tell us if he could accomplish that. Jay was very forthright, discussing with us the various considerations in the market in our neighborhood specific to our property, and was completely conversant with what needed to happen in this volatile, unpredictable market in order to accomplish our goals.

We were particularly impressed when he did not commit immediately to trying to sell our property. Instead, he committed to researching the market factors specific to our situation prior to committing to being able to achieve a price consistent with our financial goals. Having had the experience in the past where a realtor listed the property for the price we wanted, then being pressured by them to drop the price again and again, we were impressed that he did not appear to be willing to do that. He soon came back to us telling us he believed we could achieve what we needed to make this work. He met with us to discuss the price we felt comfortable listing the home at. He did not try to push us into accepting a number lower than what we were comfortable with. He explained the current market and the unpredictability therein. He had done his homework based upon his knowledge and expertise, and in consideration of the factors we had shared with him that were essential to us embarking upon this course, and he recommended a number he felt was realistic, and which we were comfortable with.

Within 2 weeks, we had an offer which we negotiated on and ultimately accepted. Jay was there to guide and advise us through the process of reviewing the offer. He made sure we understood the "subjects" and gave us very good advice through the "offer/counter offer" process. He did not pressure to accept the first offer. He thoroughly analysed the offer and gave us expert advice on how to prepare our counter offer not only regarding price, but in regard to subjects and closing details. He thought of things we would not have known to consider. Suddenly, more quickly than we could have imagined, our home was sold for what we had hoped for, and we were in the thrilling/terrifying position of having to purchase a new home.

Because of the crazy way the market was escalating in our target area, we knew we needed to act quickly. In fact, even though we had researched and discussed with Jay prices in our target area prior to listing and selling our home, suddenly the market in our target area for the type of home we were seeking to purchase began to escalate even faster. Jay made himself completely available to us throughout, in person, by email and telephone. He made us purchasing a new home as quickly as possible a priority knowing the market pressures we were facing, and that our budget for the type of home and location we were targeting was going to be challenging. He made himself available anytime we wanted to go looking at homes whether open houses or booked viewing appointments. He made us aware of the need to move quickly, and supported us to do so. At each viewing he gave us sound advice about the homes we were looking at and often pointed out things we had not thought of that would have over time become issues.

We found ourselves in a situation which, without Jay, would have been frightening. We had purchased our first townhome in 1997 and "traded up" to a detached home in 2001. We were used to a scenario where you made an offer based upon comparable recent sales in the neighborhood, negotiated back and forth, and eventually agreed upon a price. Instead, we found ourselves in a situation where properties were being sold in bidding wars with multiple offers and going for significantly over the asking price. Frankly, without Jay "at the rudder" we would have been lost at sea and likely priced out of the market before we could even catch our breath.

Jay guided us with quiet confidence. He explained to us what we needed to do to be in the best possible position when offering and supported us to "do our homework" to get the necessary infrastructure in place. He understands the market, even this whirlwind we are currently in, and the challenges we were facing as a result, and made sure we were able to be competitive. He knew we needed to find a home in a short window to be able to achieve our goals before the market out paced our budget and he made us finding a new home his priority. He remained calm throughout, and did not allow us to panic or make decisions we would have later regretted just to get any house to get back into the market. He made sure we were constantly updated as to the current homes available in our target area and helped us to understand how to expand our "criteria" to capture homes that actually met our needs though the descriptors on the MLS listing may not appear to reflect that.

When we found the home we finally purchased, it had only been on the market 1 day. Jay made sure we saw the listing and made himself available for us to go see it right away. On the MLS listing, it did not look like it ticked all the boxes but Jay secondary to his experience in viewing hundreds of listings and homes, knew the descriptors might be hiding the fact the home actually had the potential to be a home that would "tick all the boxes". Based upon the "education" Jay had been providing John and I throughout the process, I knew he was correct that we should see the home. We were going to wait until the next day, but when Jay called to arrange the viewing there were already 2 other viewings arranged. Knowing the nature of the market, he accurately assessed the situation and got back to me immediately and we arranged to see it right away.

As soon as we saw the home we knew it was the one. Even at our viewing Jay had begun the process of preparing for negotiation with the sellers agent gleaning important information to enable us to make a successful offer. We offered immediately, but were in a bidding war with 2 other potential buyers. Jay's knowledge and experience were pivotal to this situation. He was able to understand the situation we were in, kept our financial goals and families needs in sight at all times, and advised us how much and how to offer to be competitive and ultimately successful. When writing up the offer, his skills were evident in the thorough comprehensive way in which the offer was structured, Even though this purchase occurred in less than 48 hours from start to finish, Jay had made sure he was completely conversant with all relavent documents and local rules and regulations, and was able to write an offer in such a way that was ultimately what led us to be the successful buyers.

We are forever grateful to Jay. We have no doubt that without him, we would not have been able to achieve either the timely sale of our property for the price we wanted/needed, nor the purchase of our dreamhome. We have no hesitation in recommending him.

Viena Wroblewska

Viena Wroblewska

After trying to sell my home, unsuccessfully, for two years, I decided to hire Jay Banks. He had come to my door several times over a few months and I was so impressed with his gentle persistence that I thought he may be just as determined in selling my home as he was selling his services. I was right.

It took a while but Jay did sell our home. And then the fun began. We started shopping for a new place to move into. What impressed me the most was that Jay was the voice of reason that I needed when looking for the ideal place for my son, our four-legged companion and myself. Rather than rush me into a quick purchase, he ensured that I was aware of any caveats associated with the properties I was looking at. He was by far the most thorough, ethical and trustworthy real estate agent that I have ever worked with.

As I move into our beautiful new townhouse next week, I thank Jay for his stellar professionalism!

Jean and Bill Elliott

Jean and Bill Elliott

I can with complete honesty give Jay the highest possible recommendation as a real estate agent. Re/Max Crest Realty Westside are very fortunate to have on their team, as you will be if you hire him.

Due to the death of my brother and my appointment as an Executor along with my nephew, Calvin Wrench, I had to arrange the sale of two houses, one in Richmond and the other in Delta. I anticipated that this would be somewhat difficult, as I live in West Vancouver. Luckily, after interviewing three agents, I struck pure gold. It was not a difficult decision to select Jay for the task at hand as he was head and shoulders above the other agents.

Jay first of all removed all my concerns about having to travel back and forth, as he always came to West Vancouver to meet me when required for any reason. He handled difficult issues with the tenants in the rented house in Delta in an extremely caring and sensitive manner. He had to deal with illness that occurred and difficulty in showing the home because of this situation. He was so extremely patient and compassionate in dealing with all the difficulties involved, like temporarily cancelling the listing and relisting at a later date.

In addition, in all of the many complication that can arise in the completion of such sales, we found Jay to be always not only the perfect gentleman, but always considerate, patient, confident and just the individual that you would want to handle the important business of selling your home.

Kristen Shimizu & Liam Harmon

Kristen Shimizu and Liam Harmon

When we finally made the decision to buy our first home, there were so many important choices to make. Finding the right realtor was essential. Our family has used Jay Banks in the past and highly recommended him. From our very first meeting with Jay, we knew it was the right fit.

We felt very comfortable with Jay and could tell that he truly cared about helping us find the perfect home. It is truly remarkable how much knowledge Jay has and how thorough he was in walking us through each step.

He was excellent at listening and observing our reactions as we looked at different places so he could have a strong understanding of what we were looking for. Anytime we needed to reach Jay or had any concerns, he was always available and happy to help. Buying our first home is the biggest decision we have had to make and we are very thankful to have had Jay there to guide us through it.

Kenny Pierce

Kenny Pierce

I am at the tail end of a cross-Canada move and wanted to take a moment to thank Jay Banks and Brenda Kinnear for their assistance in helping with the purchase of my strata unit in New Westminster. I was fortunate enough to meet them through their daughter Julie in Toronto, who was invaluable on that side. She happened to have been raised near where I was hoping to find a place and referred me to her stepfather and mother. The astute professionalism and knowledge is clearly a genetic family trait! Brenda and Jay went above and beyond in locating properties, providing recommendations on units, visiting them for me, and ensuring that I was clear on the intricate differences in regulations and procedures for purchases in the Lower Mainland. Because transactions in BC are handled in a fairly different manner than in Ontario, their expertise and thorough review of every possibility that I considered made a potentially difficult process so much simpler. The transition between the sale in one province to the purchase in another proceeded without a flaw. I can't thank Brenda and Jay enough. As I spend my weekend unpacking and enjoying my new home and its surroundings, I can't help but feel so very fortunate to have found them.
Yi and Lie

Yi and Lie

"We connected with Jay Banks through Linkedin just before we
moved back here from California 3 years ago. After 2 years of getting
familiar with Vancouver we decided to hunt for our home. The first
thing we needed to find was an agent and of course the first person we thought of was Jay. As an artist, first impression, through Jay's
profile photo in Linkedin, was of a very reliable person. Later it
proved our sixth sense. Engaging Jay as our agent was a blessing.

There was a comfort zone with his personality and professional style
that made our entire purchasing experience pleasant. His quick response and patience is second to none. We are pleased that after nearly one year of hunting, finally we found our ideal townhouse in a great neighborhood in
Lynn Valley. We would highly recommend Jay. Thank you again, Jay."

Kim and Collin McArthur

Kim and Collin McArthur

Thank you Jay for the hard work! And helping to make it all go smooth! We're super excited to get into our home :)
The Chiu Family

Jennifer and David Chiu

Relocating from Toronto to Vancouver was an exciting new venture in our lives, but the thought of purchasing a home in a city we'd only ever vacationed in was a task best left for professionals!

Working with Brenda and Jay helped us demystify the process.

After meeting us and learning about our preferences and 'must-haves', they rightly suggested that we look to live on the north shore. They showed us a variety of homes ranging in price-points and location, and while they were quick to offer us the advantages of each property, they never once rushed us into making a purchase. Once we narrowed down our search to two exciting properties, we worked with Brenda and Jay to help us decide which one was best for us and our growing family.

One year and a half later, we have happily settled into our new dream home on the west coast! Thank-you Brenda and Jay for your support in this process, and for stopping by from time to time to see how we are doing! We think of you as our neighbors and wish you the best of success in helping others achieve what we have!

Barbara & Ian Murray

Barbara and Ian Murray

What can we say about Jay Banks other than he is absolutely wonderful.

Jay Banks is a very thorough and conscientious gentleman. He did indeed start by listening to us and finding out what it was we were looking for.

He is not an aggressive salesman as some can be but rather is very helpful. He made sure that we saw every property that we expressed interest in and let us make our own decisions.

Jay was also very helpful when it came to the clearing out of our former property. He went so far as to personally take some of our things away for us.

Business matters aside, Jay is also a very nice person who is easy to talk to and has a good sense of humour.

Thank you, Jay!

Guy and Kathryn Dugas

Guy and Kathryn Dugas

We first explored the Vancouver market four years ago with a plan to retire there from Winnipeg in six or seven years. We could not have been more fortunate than to have Brenda and Jay looking after us. At that time we knew little about Vancouver and simply wanted to get a foot in the market with a one-bedroom condo that could be easily rented until we could find a larger two-bedroom. We gave Brenda our wish-list via email and when we flew to Vancouver a couple of weeks later she had a full day's schedule of viewings in the west end, the area she assured us would best meet our needs.

Though what she had lined up for us certainly piqued our interest, we were a little reluctant to purchase on our very first visit. However, what she learned from us that day made our return visit to Vancouver two weeks later very productive. Not only had she arranged viewings for a number of condos that included the one we ultimately purchased, she also helped us find both a property manager and a mortgage broker. And she had been right about the location, the condo has been rented for the entire four years without any problem.

When we contacted Brenda again to search for our own retirement two-bedroom this year, she knew exactly what we wanted. We landed in Vancouver on a Saturday morning. Over lunch, Brenda suggested viewing a condo that she thought would interest us in the area. It was perfect, meeting all our needs and falling within our price range. We put in an offer that same day without looking at a single other property. But that was only the beginning. Because we are in Winnipeg, Brenda and Jay stepped up to take care of everything from doing the walk-through prior to possession, to following up with the developer in making sure the deficiency list was
properly addressed, to doing the final walk-through on our behalf and getting the keys and appropriate forms and documents to our property manager (the same one they helped us find four years earlier and who agreed to manage our new condo). And they found a buyer for our one- bedroom within two weeks. Being in another city, we really appreciated how they kept us fully informed as both transactions progressed, helping to smooth the whole process.

We cannot express how happy we are to have found two such dedicated, thorough, and competent professionals. They have provided us regular market updates over the last four years and much good advice. We have moved beyond a simply professional relationship to a friendship we hope to continue after our move to Vancouver in a couple of years. We highly recommend Brenda and Jay.

The Bryde Family

Sue and Ryan Bryde

Jay was recommendeded to us and we will most certainly recommend him to others...

As much as we loved calling Steveston our home for eight years, Vancouver seemed to be calling us back.

Jay showed us several houses that met our description, but once we found the perfect home in Vancouver's South Hill neighbourhood, there was no looking back; all we needed to do was sell our condo!

As first-time sellers, we weren't sure what to expect in today's market. Thanks to Jay's hard work, within six weeks we had an offer we accepted. Jay truly had our best interests in mind throughout the entire process.

Joey and Emelyn Tolentino

Joey and Emelyn Tolentino


Sold our home on Friday and bought the new house on the following Monday!

Jay sold my mom's house in the "monds" so she recommended him when it was time for us to upgrade. He understood the emotional attachment my mom had to the house and he listened to her concerns. Mama liked that Jay did not push and let her go through the process of selling without making her feel pressured.

When it came for us to upgrade, Jay walked us through the process and was very professional. We had many questions and he was thorough in answering all of them and explaining to us what we did not understand. I felt good that my questions were taken seriously. What we really liked about Jay is the personal service.

When we bought our first home, we were assigned to "the assistant" so we were pleased when Jay dealt with us personally. He came over to our home to discuss business unlike our experience with an agent for our first home who asked us to go to her house and do business there!

When we told Jay that we are very specific with the area we want to move to, he understood. Believe me, people looked at me funny when I told them the specific area I was interested in. I had specific boundaries but Jay understood.

Location, location, location. Yes, we found the house we want, within three days of selling our home, in the right location, the right specifications and best of all, the right price!

We just referred Jay to a friend of ours who wants to upgrade. That's how pleased we are with Jay and his services.

Thank you Jay!

Joey and Emelyn Tolentino

Karen Stratis

Karen Stratis

"I can't even put into words how totally happy I am in my new place!!

When I think back on when I very first saw the posting for it - I was just hanging out with two of my kids in Montreal and they looked at the pictures and really urged me to respond to the posting......and how it has all gone since that night......it's really feeling like a dream still!!

My kids can't believe how nice the condo is....they all have their own sets of keys now! My electric scooter is working out so well, I don't think I will ever own a car again, and all that savings I can put into paying off the mortgage much faster!

Hope you and Brenda are doing well, and we'll keep in touch!"

John Rowland and Cynthia Schadt

John Rowland and Cynthia Schadt

On March 1st, 2014, John and I put an offer on a new townhouse. The offer was subject to the sale of our home, but we didn’t have a realtor. The sales manager said she would connect us with a realtor who she felt would complement our personality. This is how we met Jay. Jay listened to all of our concerns and his laid back demeanor built our confidence. We signed a contract to sell our home March 3rd. He showed our home by appointment only and gave us enough time to arrange to be out of the house 1.5 hours at a time which made it very convenient for us. We received an offer March 13th and the subjects were removed by March 28th.

We can’t thank Jay enough for his hard work and dedication to selling our home.

Thanks Jay!

Vivian Hart

Vivian Hart

"It was a pleasure to work with Jay. He's professional, knowledgeable and kind.

Jay assisted me to sell my aging Mother's Condo. He explained everything well to my Mother and helped her feel included in the process of listing her Condo.

Thank you, Jay!"

City Wide Painters

City Wide Painters, Vancouver, BC

Bill and Nikki Jeffers

Bill and Nikki Jeffers


Lois Schultz and Ken Brydges

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Donna and Walter

Donna and Walter

"Recommending Jay to everyone we know who is thinking of buying or selling real estate"

Williams Road, Richmond, BC

We are writing to tell you of the great service and results we had in listing and selling our home with Jay Banks of your office. Jay was referred to us several years ago when he helped us buy our home on Williams Road in Richmond. He stayed in touch regularly over time and we called him when we were thinking of selling. He spend time assisting with ideas for preparing our home for the market. Given the difficulties over the past year of selling a property in our price range we appreciated learning what buyers were looking for and set about fixing things according to his advice. Thanks to this work our home was well-received by the realtors and buyers.

Jay kept in touch with us, giving us feedback on all the showings. He was also proactive in promoting our property with realtors and the public. His confidence in our home showed when of all the offers we received, the two that he brought were the highest in price with the best terms and conditions. We were able to reach agreement with one of the parties whom I understand discovered our home through Jay's internet presence.

We appreciated Jay's use of technology. During and following the sale of our home in Richmond he kept us informed through e-mail of new listings in White Rock and Tsawwassen. We were kept up to date in a very timely manner. With Jay we found a lovely rancher in Crescent Beach and we look forward to our move there. We will be recommeding Jay to everyone we know who is thinking of buying or selling real estate.

Donna and Wally

Congratulations Jay on a job well done! Our son Justin has not stopped praising your efforts on the sale of his house. He said you were ahead anticipating all that happened. It must have been a difficult one to negotiate. I believe Justin is honest & has integrity & know that he expects the same of a realtor or business associate. That was why I convinced Justin to use you. Your years of experience have also served him well.

Wally & I have great faith in you & are so pleased it has worked out well.

Thank you Jay.

Donna and Wally

Julie and Gord

Having sold our family home after the last of our children moved out, it was time to downsize to a condo. We chose Jay, who had been our neighbour for many years, as we thought his experience in the Richmond market would help us make this big change. Jay showed us a variety of options and provided insight into the market and the history of buildings we looked at. He was unfailingly polite and patient with us as we narrowed down the area, options and features we wanted. When we finally zeroed in on the condo we wanted, Jay followed up on many details and pursued the seller’s rather reluctant agent on a few things that needed to be addressed. We would certainly recommend Jay to other buyers and sellers of real estate. You can count on him to stay calm, cool and collected while getting all the details looked after.

Edwin and Cindy Liu

In working with Jay to buy our first home, we found him to have superior knowledge of virtually all aspects of real estate, from trends in the market to particular details of various locations to suggestions for improvements. He took the time to understand our needs and always acted in our best interests. His realistic but positive attitude helped us navigate a very difficult housing market. We are very happy to have had Jay as our agent and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone buying or selling a home.

Gordon Smith and Alison Munro

 After long consideration, we recently decided to sell our Seafair house and move our family into Steveston Village. We elected to work with Jay due to his successful history of selling (many!) other houses on our street/neighbourhood over the years. It was an excellent decision. Jay was thorough, professional and pleasant and worked effectively with our quick timeline, managing to get us through selling and buying within a couple of weeks. We couldn't have asked for anything more.

Dennis and Chorynn Elton

Jay is a superb listener: answering all our questions clearly and elaborating further when needed.

He only showed us properties within our budget and matching our specifications for size, location etc. Jay didn't try to show us properties which would have been over our budget. Jay is very personable, friendly, has a great sense of humour and is very empathetic. We did not feel rushed when discussing all aspects of the sale and purchase of the properties. He is an honest and genuine person.

Jay was always very easily accessible by cell phone and email.
We appreciated Jay always being willing to include family members in the process at our request. Jay made excellent suggestions regarding enhancing the saleability of the property, but always showing respect for our abilities to do the little extras for showings. We never felt pressured to make unnecessary or expensive renovations.

Jay is extremely knowledgeable about the local real estate markets, especially sales, purchases, etc. He was always very supportive of our wishes regarding listing price, counter-offers, purchase price offers etc., offering sound advice based on his experience in real estate.

Jay came with high recommendations from extended relatives and we were not disappointed. He definitely exhibited all the excellent qualities of a superb realtor.

We would certainly recommend Jay as a realtor to friends, family, relatives, etc.

Betty Dunlop

Betty Dunlop

"I think Jay is great! He has the patience of Job. He listens. He’s very helpful and polite as well as easy to get along with.

I highly recommend him to anybody who needs an excellent realtor."

Yuliy Ilin

Jay Banks presented himself in a professional calm manner, was most knowledgeable of the Seafair real estate market and considerate of all our needs and personal circumstances.

Jay Banks did a great job in advising us on when to put our house for sale and on the best listing price for us in this market. Also he kept us informed weekly of market activities and recent sales.

We are extremely pleased with the price and the time in which Jay Banks sold our house. We are happy and highly recommend Jay Banks as a real estate agent to anyone.

Jim and Fina deKleer

Although we loved our home in Richmond's Seafair area, we knew that it was time to make a move. All of our children and grandchild had moved from the Richmond area and now it was our turn.

We recently had the pleasure of working with Jay Banks to sell our home of nearly 30 years and to buy another home in South Surrey. Jay's demeanor, caring nature and vast knowledge made the whole process very easy and seamless. We were confident from the very beginning knowing that Jay really "heard" us and had a good idea what we wanted.

When we listed our Seafair home, Jay held an open house, advertised and even distributed flyers throughout the neighbourhood to help market our home. A couple of weeks on the market, many showings and lot of hard work on his part led to the sale of our home.

Then, with Jay's help on to the purchase of another home. We really appreciated Jay meeting us on short notice or giving us a call as soon as something new popped up on the market, not to mention the updated listings he sent to our email! We looked at several homes until we found the one that was right. From the moment we walked through the front doors we knew that we had just entered our new home. Once we found our new home he again walked us through the process, this time the purchase of a home. Between the sale of our existing home and purchase of our new home Jay helped us make the transition almost effortlessly.

Jay's dedication and understanding not only to his job, but also to the needs of his clients is superior to none. In all our dealings with Jay he has been very thorough and professional. We enjoyed every moment with him through the entire journey. We cannot thank him enough for all he has done. He is an exceptional real estate agent who is dedicated and who truly listens to and cares about the people he is working with. We would highly recommend him to anyone who is considering the selling and/or the purchase of a home.

Thank You for all your work Jay, it all came together so well!

Jo and Martin Clark

12 years ago, Jay helped us find our home, so when it came time to sell, we did not even think of calling anyone else. Jay has been extremely helpful in explaining the whole process, and was always available to answer any questions that arose. He made the stressful process of showing, negotiating and selling our home very comfortable, and always with a smile and good humour – even when the hour grew late! Thanks so much for helping us to move on to the next stage of our lives!

Dennis and Chorynn Elton

Dear Jay, This is the second time we have had the pleasure of the assistance of Jay to sell our condo. It was a difficult move as we left Richmond to move to Kelowna. Jay organized everything perfectly, we are very grateful for the excellent service and recommend Jay to anyone buying or selling Real Estate. Thanks again Jay! Dennis & Chorynn Elton

Diane and Orion

We were referred to Jay Banks by a friend of ours when we were looking to purchase a home. Jay is personable, committed and very responsive. He was willing to spend a lot of time with us as we explored our options over a period of several months. He ensured we had all the information we needed to make informed decisions, and would find an answer to any question we had. I really appreciated that he always returned our texts or emails promptly. And when we finally had an accepted offer, Jay worked hard to make the transition as smooth as possible, even when a few "hiccups" developed along the way.
Karran and Andrew

Karran and Andrew

We first met Brenda when my husband and I were looking for our first home in Vancouver. Brenda’s extensive knowledge of Vancouver’s real estate market coupled with her warmth and honesty were an instant fit with what we were looking for in a real estate agent. We grew to trust Brenda implicitly and she tirelessly helped find us a great home in Vancouver. Eight years later, when we were ready to move again, now with two little boys in tow, we contacted Brenda for help. For the sale of our home Brenda and Jay worked together as an unparalleled professional team. We couldn't count the number of times both Brenda and Jay went above and beyond to facilitate the selling of our house. We were not only selling our house, but also moving to a new city meaning that there were tasks left behind needing attention that Jay and Brenda did not hesitate to help us with. Brenda and Jay were not just real estate agents. They literally became like part of our extended family. They truly cared and honestly wanted to help with whatever was needed in order for us to move to the next stage in our lives. They worked endlessly dealing with the myriad of loose ends that needed taken care of to prepare the house for sale in our absence, including organizing painters, cleaners, stagers, minor repairs, photographs and of course the showings. In the end, they provided excellent advice and our condo sold quickly at a fair price. We felt cared for every step of the way and had complete trust in the process thanks to their expertise, honesty and genuine wish to help. Thank you Brenda and Jay for everything you do!

Pamela Hiensch

I had the good fortune to have Jay Banks as my realtor when selling my house earlier this spring. Having lived in my house in the "Monds" for nearly fifty years, this move was quite a wrench for me. Jay was very attentive to my moving needs and saw me through the whole overwhelming experience with kindness and professionalism. I am now in a nice condo in Steveston and everything has worked out well for me. Thanks to Jay!
Dawne and Mark

Dawne and Mark

We were leaving for a month vacation in Europe at the end of September, when a chance for us to relocate to North Vancouver was presented. We contacted Jay to list our house as Jay had put us into it 25 years earlier. We listed on Thursday before we flew on Friday and while we were away in Rome the first week Jay was able to bring us an offer which we accepted. Jay handled everything in our absence which allowed us to really enjoy and not worry about if the house would sell or not. We can’t thank Jay enough for his diligence throughout this process. Thanks again Jay.
Katie and Bev Willows

Katie and Bev Willows

Jay Banks is an excellent realtor. We have used him to buy and sell two of our properties and would not hesitate to refer him to anyone looking to sell or purchase a home. He is very detail oriented and always committed to assisting us in a moment's notice when needed with creative solutions. We highly recommend Jay Banks! Katie and Bev Willows
Kamal Diamond

Kamal Diamond

I moved to BC approximately 8 years ago. I have on two occasions dealt with Jay Banks. Both times, I found Jay to be professional and informative. I would highly recommend Jay to anyone who is interested in buying or selling a property. There is no other realtor for me since I, on both previous dealings was able to walk away with much more than the listing price. Jay went above and beyond his duty. He figuratively held my hand through the entire process and Jay patiently answered all my questions. Thank you Jay for your patience, integrity and alacrity and look forward to doing some more business in the future…. Ever grateful, Kamal Diamond
Sarah Guo and Mark Mathews

Sarah Guo and Mark Mathews

Jay made our first-time home buying experience very smooth. From the beginning, he was honest with us about the lay of the land and what we can expect in terms of competition in the market. Jay quickly understood what our needs were and offered sound advice in order to ensure that our offers were competitive without being overzealous. Overall, his professionalism and warmth made the process of finding a perfect much less stressful than it could have been without him. Jay is hardworking, honest, punctual and delivers on all the promises he makes. He makes himself readily available to clients with his extremely fast response times to inquiries, showing that he is a true professional in his industry with a firm commitment to client satisfaction. Jay kept us well informed on new listings in the market, and helped alleviate any concerns we had throughout the property search process. We felt Jay’s dedication to his clients when he caught issues that could have left us personally liable to some red flags with a unit we were looking at. For this reason alone, we are extremely grateful for the opportunity to have Jay represent us. A family member has worked with him in the past, and for good reason: His professionalism and courtesy make him an easy choice to our family and friends looking to buy (or sell) a property. Thank you so much for all of your help!! Cheers, Sarah and Mark

Jason and Monica Funk

We met Jay about 6 years ago while looking to buy and sell. Ultimately, we renovated at the time but were really impressed with Jay’s knowledge and professionalism. 6 years later when it was time to buy again, we didn’t hesitate to use Jay. Jay Banks starts by listening and continues to go above and beyond. He is well respected in the community, genuine and friendly. Jason and Monica Funk


I’ve known Jay for over fifteen years, first meeting him as the selling agent of the house I had purchased. Over the years Jay kept in contact and I quickly came to realize that Jay was the agent I would use when it came time to sell. Jay was the only realtor that I felt comfortable using and I trusted that he would look out for my best interest and advised me accordingly. He and Brenda were invaluable in helping to ensure the sale went smoothly and the house closed without any issues. If you’re looking for a professional, diligent, ethical, honest agent that will listen to what your needs are then look no further. Give Jay a call!

Mark Bostwick

I want to thank you Jay for all the good work you did for me. You were honest, meticulous, diligent, and good at dealing with difficult people and situations. I would recommend you to anyone needing a real estate agent. Good luck.