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Kenny Pierce

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This is a quick note to express my gratitude for Brenda Kinnear's and Jay Banks' help both in selling my condominium in New Westminster, and in securing a new condominium in Vancouver. About two years ago, Brenda's daughter Julie helped to sell my loft in Toronto, when I was planning to move back to the West Coast. Though I was looking while still in Toronto, Jay and Brenda were instrumental at the time in helping me to find a home to relocate to, and I've enjoyed my location very much.

When I decided that I wanted to move closer to work this year, they went above and beyond, helping me to identify locations that I could afford as well as prepare my place to list it. I never felt pressured to jump into something blindly - an indication that they put their clients' best interests first.

Selling and moving is always a stressful prospect to face, but this was a relatively smooth series of transactions, something that I attribute in no small part to their professionalism and proactivity. Vancouver isn't an easy market to buy in, but it is without hesitation that I recommend Jay Banks and Brenda Kinnear - knowledgeable and warm professionals - to anyone wanting to make a move in the lower BC mainland. I feel so lucky to have found them.

- Kenny Pierce, Vancouver, BC