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Parking in Vancouver: Parking Spots, By-laws

ICBC says there were 1,376,000 passenger vehicle policies in the Lower Mainland in 2015. All of those cars and other vehicles need to be parked somewhere. A rule of thumb for land-use planning says that every car has one space at home and three or four other spaces waiting for it elsewhere. Yet there is […]

Photo Essay: Catfe

Bringing together cats and coffee, Vancouver’s first cat café quickly became a popular spot for the city’s cat lovers. The concept of the themed café where visitors can watch and play with cats and take one home have spread throughout the world after the world’s first cat café opened in Taipei, Taiwan in 1998

Top 3 Local Food Stores in Vancouver

“People think food just appears,” says Nicole Robins, owner of North Vancouver’s Sprout Organic Market. In actuality, the food we eat is still grown on farms. Much of it comes from far away, shipped from around the world by ships and planes, with attendant problems in freshness, chemical exposure and production practices. One alternative is […]

How to Avoid Vancouver Traffic Jams – Updated!

Vancouver is regularly named the most congested city in Canada. This designation is mostly due to the heavy commuter flow across the limited number of bridge crossings entering the city’s downtown core – a factor that is exacerbated by the seemingly constant interruption of new construction projects that block roads and cause further delays. While […]

Vancouver’s Best Gluten-Free Bakeries

More people are opting for gluten-free nowadays, whether it’s for wheat disorders or simply for health reasons. Fortunately, Vancouver has a selection of certified gluten-free bakeries that offer a wide range of breads, sweet treats, and baked goods that will satisfy both gluten-free and non-gluten-free eaters. Lemonade Bakery Address: 3385 Cambie Street Website: Serving […]

Farm to Table for the Rest of Us

A Royal Dinette Dish A New Way of Eating: Vancouver’s Farm to Table Restaurants Aim to Defy Categorization A few months ago, Earls restaurants made the decision to only carry Certified Humane meat on their menu, a decision they hoped would play well in today’s ethically conscious dining world. It didn’t. After a week of […]