Vancouver Photo Essays

Stunning pictures of Vancouver and Richmond BC from the best local photographers. All photos are licensed under Creative Commons so you can use them, just please link back to the original article.

Photo Essay: The Flea Markets Of Vancouver

Low prices and some dusty vintage stuff – probably that is what comes to your mind while hearing the term ‘flea market’. This word’s meaning changed a lot from its unpleasant origin which referred to Paris’s shabby second-hand markets where used furniture was often inconveniently full of certain blood-sucking parasites. Today, it is a place […]

Photo Essay: Jimi Hendrix’s (Almost) Lost Strathcona

Strathcona is the oldest residential neighbourhood in Vancouver, yet we almost lost it. In the 1950’s the whole neighbourhood was scheduled for demolition and would have been replaced by a vast area of identical blocks of social housing apartments and townhouses. Luckily, a strong opposition from the community stopped the development, although the area with […]

Photo Essay: Vancouver Libraries

Irving K. Barber Learning Centre Entrance The Irving K. Barber Learning Centre The Irving K. Barber Learning Centre (IKBLC) is a part for the UBC Library at the Vancouver campus of the University of British Columbia. The Learning Centre is built around the refurbished core of the 1925 UBC Main Library. The Centre is named […]

Photo Essay: Canyon Lights at the Capilano Suspension Bridge

Capilano Suspension Bridge presents the annual Canyon Lights festivities from November 30 until January, 2013 and I must say, the show is beyond spectacular. Not only you will have a chance to find yourself in a fairy tale thanks to thousands of twinkling lights but also you can return to your childhood and make a wish under the world’s tallest (46.4 m) living Christmas tree!

Vancouver Weekends: Capilano Suspension Bridge

Vancouver residents are really lucky to have some great recreational spots just around the corner! For example, there’s Cypress Hill towering above the city (which is one of BC’s many superb ski resorts), the “Mother Nature’s Stairmaster” steep trail at Grouse Mountain (which can put your fitness to the test) and there are a lot of beautiful natural parks and nature reserves within reach for some serious weekend hiking. Capilano Suspension Bridge Park is named after the simple suspension bridge hanging over the Capilano River in the District of North Vancouver.

The Most Beautiful Beaches Near Vancouver: Get Inspired For Locations

There are so many beaches in and around Vancouver that you can visit whenever you feel like taking a short break and watching the waves gently roll. Beaches are a very popular topic in photography — with their dramatic skies during sunset, fleeting moments before a storm hits the shores, and experimenting with exposure while taking a photo of a bridge. You name it. We bring you the very best Vancouver locations to take your camera and tripod to get some beautiful shots! And the best thing is, most of these beaches are just minutes away from downtown.