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Made in Vancouver: 3 Local Designers for Your Home

The architectural design community in Vancouver is changing the landscape of innovative real estate. The inspiration of internationalism has design firms focused on developing creations that are unique to a client’s personality. An appreciation of combining indoor and outdoor concepts has local homeowners changing the conventional ideal of comfort. We are pleased to share reputable […]

Vancouver Real Estate: Sales Dropped, Prices Are Still Rising in March 2018

Brenda Kinnear “For they have sown the wind and they shall reap the whirlwind…” ― Hosea 8:7 Old Testament KJV. It appears that the well-being of residents of BC has been compromised by an economy built around organized crime and money laundering through casinos and real estate. Provincial finances and credit ratings have been buoyed up […]

Vancouver July 2017 Market Report: The Buyers are Shifting towards Condos

Last year in July the provincial government announced their foreign buyer tax. It was a mad scramble to close properties before the tax took effect which distorted the market at that moment. However, there was a slowdown in sales for several months afterwards while the market adjusted to the changes. The tax was eventually absorbed by the seller and the buyer of the higher end properties that attracted foreign investment. It did impact the number of detached sales.